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Below Knee Prosthesis

We provide Hi - Tech artificial limbs for below knee, we are the greatest manufacturer of artificial limbs, we make on preorder.

Above Knee Prosthesis

We provide hightech artificial robotics equipments for leg, ie., above knee prosthesis and adjustment. We also provide regular service.

Hand Prosthesis

We are the manufacturer of Robotics arms, the artificial robotics arms helps the peson to feel as real and to work day to day work as usual.

Height Adjustment

We provide foot length management that is height adjustmet, this object is manufactured by us on order basis dependent on length.

Cosmetic Restoration

Remedy prosthetic and Orthotic Centre provides the best cosmetic restoration, in which we does treatment for fingures, hands and legs.

Knee Ankle

Knee Ankle support is the part of lower limb orthosis in which we provide external support for you knee ankle which is made on preorder.


We provide breaces simple or high - tech for the support of your organs. We manufacture breaces on preorder and one can purchase it that is already made.

Polio Caliper

We provides polio calipers and provide high - tech orthosis for the support. We manufacture polio calipers on preorder and one can purchase it that is already made.

Know about Orthoremedy Pvt. Ltd.!!!

Remedy Prosthetic and Orthetic Centre (Now Became - Orthoremedy Pvt. Ltd.), Ranchi, Jharkhand, provides artificial organs to the persons who lost their limbs in accidents, to live normal life. In which they can compete with other people in day to day life. We provide upper body artificial robotics limbs, lower body artificial robotics limbs, with the robotics artificial limbs they can feel and use it as the part of his / her body. We are expertise in creation of artificial limbs and support system, which helps one to live normally in day to day life.

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We are present to heal your pain 24X7. To preorder artificial limbs please contact our centre in Ranchi. Or you can call to book appointment with us.

We are Goverment Registered and ISO Certified artificial limbs manufacturer in Jharkhand, and we provides our services in India. Our clients is from all over India and from other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh etc...

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